Chapter 16 Fantasy Land Risk VS Reward

Question 1

Yes if all 4, 5 and Q are still live cards to hit 2 pairs in the back row with a pair of Queens up front.

Question 2

Yes, you aim to hit Queens up front with 2 pairs or trip 3's in the back row.

Question 3

No, you should aim for a one card straight draw in the back row.

Question 4

Yes, you aim for Queens up front, Kings in the middle and Aces, 2-pairs or a flush in the back row.

Question 5

Yes, you can break up your royal flush draw by placing your Aces in the back row and aim for Queens up front and Kings in the middle. But this is not necessary as you can keep your royal flush draw and still potentially get to Fantasy Land by hitting another Ace up front and 2 small pairs in the middle row.

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