Chapter 1 Avoid Fouling

Question 1 - Front

Placing 9d in the middle row greatly increases the odds of fouling as you will need to hit a 4 or a 5 (four outs) in the back row with only 3 cards left to draw.

Placing 9d in the back row eliminates your chance of catching the full house royalty in the back row.

Question 2 - Middle

Although placing 2c in the front row looks like you are going for the 10-point royalty, note that catching BOTH trip Queens or better in the middle AND a straight or better in the back is nearly impossible (considering there are only 3 Queens left in the deck).

Placing 2c in the back row eliminates your chance of any royalty opportunity in the back row and also increases your chance of fouling as compared to placing this throwaway card in the middle row.

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